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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Liver health

Dear audience,

and here I am writing to you again, today a special article related to an essentially important organ in our body.
The heart, you might think with Valentine's Day approaching. Yes, the heart is very important, but today let me draw your attention to an approx 1,5kg heavy soft meaty thing right under your right rib arch.....exactly: your liver!

Do you worry "How is my liver?" from time to time? Only after intensive alcohol nights? Hm, in that case you should include it into your thoughts more often. It must not come to increased liver values or poor liver function tests to begin with liver care.

What tasks does my liver have?
The liver in an adult is the largest organ of metabolism , i.e. digestive gland . Good news is that it is extremely capable of regeneration . But this self-healing power has its limits.

The filtering capacity of the liver is a prerequisite for a smooth process of metabolism. From the intestines, the blood passes with the nutrients drawn from your food to the liver. Here the useful substances are passed on and the toxic routed into the intestine via the bile, so that they can be excreted. 
The liver produces blood proteins, defense substances and bile and is the main detoxification organ. Almost all the nutrients that are absorbed from the intestine into the blood, first reach to the liver and are then released into the bloodstream of the ones needed or removed from the blood. Further tasks of the liver are the storage of vitamins and the synthesis of starting materials for the production of hormones. If you do not possess your bile anymore, the careful handling of the liver is all the more essential as your bile liquid will be produced only there. 

The liver plays an important roll in the control of glucose, fat and protein metabolization as well. The liver controls for example the hormone insulin and thus our blood sugar levels and the supply of sugar. Insulin activated in the liver is then responsible for the "combustion" of glucose and inhibits the breakdown of fat. Ergo the liver controls whether we increase or decrease weight. At the same time, it is in charge of the removal of toxins that we take in through our skin and respiratory system.

If the liver is overloaded constantly, which happens not only through excessive drinking, but also by a too high fat and sugar intake, it does not lay down its work anyway - this would have devastating consequences - but continues to operate. The liver reduces its work force and then our body is comparable to a residential neighborhood where the garbage guys lay down their work .

Early warning Signs
It is said that "the liver is suffering quietly". All the more reason to give it our full attention and to support it in their work through our diet and other measures.

Observe one or more of the following symptoms in yourself ?

• Continuous fatigue, weariness, lack of energy
• no appetite, weight loss for no apparent reason
• feeling of bloatedness after eating, feeling of pressure in upper abdomen, diarrhea
• Itching
• increased tendency to sweating or freezing
• drop in performance
• lack of concentration
• reduced memory
• weight gain in the abdominal area
• Alcohol is not well tolerated

Maybe that's your liver, which asks you for help !Make use of the regenerative power of your liver and give your weary body a holistic detoxifying liver cleansing. You will notice the success of liver cleansing immediately. You will feel fitter, digestion will come back into balance, your concentration and productivity will increase.

" The pain of the liver is the fatigue '

Liver care
Various experiments with liver cleansing like olive oil , grapefruit, lemon and garlic cures have become common. Garlic, for example, contains many sulfur-containing substances. These can activate those liver enzymes that are responsible particularly for the excretion of toxins from the body.

With a sincere purification of this important organ, however, one must first change his diet, which is a clever entry. A few days completely fat-free diet, a daily green smoothie and plenty of water are a good preparation for the holistic liver cleansing, which includes a colon cleanse, a surplus base diet and liver cleansing foods. A central herb in any liver cleanse and regeneration is milk thistle . In Ayurveda we use the product LIV 52, which is often prescribed during Panchakarma treatments after an appropriate doctor's consultation. 

What the liver likes
Green leafy vegetables and salads contribute to the health of the liver. The detoxification function of the liver is effectively supported. Arugula , dandelion greens, spinach, green leafy salads etc. contain a variety of cleaning ingredients, which can neutralize strong liver-damaging heavy metals. Green leafy vegetables can be consumed regularly at best in the form of green smoothies. Also, vegetable leaves, for example of the turnip plant, leaves of beetroot and many more belong to this salutary category.

Drink green tea
Green tea contains phytochemicals so-called catechins. These are special substances with antioxidant activity, they remove the fat accumulation in the liver and can promote healthy liver function. However, one should not drink more than two or three cups of green tea per day.

The good avocado
Avocados can build up a damaged liver again and protect the body against free radicals. They can preserve the liver from excessive exposure to toxins and stimulate the cleansing power .

The power of Walnuts
The amino acids contained in the Walnut L -arginine, glutathione and omega -3 fatty acids help in liver detoxification.

Yellow turmeric miracle
Turmeric is one of the most powerful foods for maintaining a healthy liver and also protects against free radicals. Turmeric can regenerate damaged liver cells and boost the natural production of bile, ease swollen hepatic ducts and improve the overall function of the gallbladder. Only used for seasoning though, the amounts are not high enough. Turmeric capsules or tea are useful ways of including this precious spice into your liver cleansing diet. 

Bad fat is a challenge, not just for the liver. Good quality butter and virgin coconut oil in moderation are excellent fats that do not harm the body.

Sour and spicy are good for the liver, e.g. a glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice and the sharpness of ginger, horseradish and garlic.

Hot water in the morning on an empty stomach is easily digestible for the body and helps to remove pollutants.

The milk thistle is a proven remedy for our liver . This was already known to the famous Hildegard von Bingen. Without doing any harm, but only good to your body, a tea cure 1x/year or milk thistle tablets work well. Ideally, this treatment is continued over 30 days.

To support and promote sleep liver packs are well-known. In oriental medicine, the liver is also responsible for relieving stress , anger and aggression. An external sign according to the Chinese doctrine are distinct wrinkles in the area above the nose between the eyebrows. If you have one, two or even more vertical wrinkles, this should point to a disturbance in liver function.

A warm, humid liver-pack is placed on the right rib cage to relax and fall asleep. Do not be surprised if the liver pack promotes the wildest dreams! During sleep we resolve our aggressions. This might in the end also become an enjoyable and definitely interesting contribution to your nights!