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Hello, dear viewer, and thank you for visiting my blog! I am a dedicated (and certified) Food Coach and Personal Trainer with a very individual attitude to coaching. I search to look beyond people's health issues and modify their lifestyles so that they can live a healthier life, increase vitality and longevity. Recently as a strong believer in natural healing I have published two books on Ayurveda and how to use Ayurveda lifestyle and food at home. Further, I am very much into TCM and the concept of original Chinese Food, especially after my recent stay in China. I am striving to become a Yoga expert through intense training and am practicing some kind of exercise every single day. My second blog http://thrumyeyes-kat.blogspot.com/ is dedicated to my passion to capture the world with my camera and create my own world like that. Everything you will find on these pages about nutrition and exercising is authentic and self-tested. Enjoy and don't forget to send me your comments, which are always welcome in my attempt to meet your expectations even better!

Sunday, 31 October 2010

What to eat before my workout

In order to be able to perform in the desired manner and to be able to persist until you have reached the desired goal have a light snack 1-2 hours prior to your training. The choice of your snack also depends on whether you are going to give your muscles a good workout or whether it is cardio you are looking for. For body toning keep your snack more on the protein side, whereas cardio asks for a good base of carbohydrates.

Have for example mixed fresh fruits, a smoothie, yogurt with some cereals and fruit, dried apricots plus dates and some nuts, a banana (always a simple, efficient choice) or if nothing else is within your reach go for some low fat, wholegrain biscuits. 

Have a great workout!


Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Sniffy season coming up

As the wheather is changing - in Europe to cold wheather, in the UAE to cooler wheather - everybody is coming up with flues. Runny noses all around you, everybody is feeling tired, but then...don't we want to ENJOY the beautiful autumn wheather??  So in order to avoid to be swept from your feet, just follow some simple rules: be sure to be dressed warm enough even if  you might tend to sweat...it's better than freezing! Take long walks in the fresh air as often as you can AND....take good care of your nutrition! A lot of fresh fruits and raw veggies are even more vital at the moment than in any other season of the year. Be sure to have a fresh juice of oranges, grapefruits and some lemon everyday. If you can't, please don't forget your Vitamin C food supplement (1000mg/day).
Following a list of fruits and vegetables with a high Vitamin C content:
Whole Food Sources Serving Vitamin C (mg)
Sweet red pepper 1/2 cup, raw 141
Strawberries 1 cup 82
Orange 1 medium 70
Brussels sprouts 1/2 cup 68
Broccoli, cooked 1/2 cup 58
Collard greens, cooked 1/2 cup 44
Grapefruit 1/2 medium 44
Canteloupe 1/4 medium 32
Cabbage, cooked 1/2 cup 24
Tomato 1 medium 23
Enjoy a healthy autumn!