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Thursday, 11 November 2010


Dubai is getting closer to weekend by the minute...and soon the rest of the world is to follow!
So instead of bothering you with healthy nutrition this afternoon (who gives a thing about that on weekends, honestly!?!?!?), I thought I'd rather remind you of something very important, which we all just love to neglect...our regular abdominal exercises!!! Ha, don't leave this site right away now, just read on a bit..

Strengthening your abdominals on a regular base is not just all about the famous six-pack. It is about strength in your core (yes, it is there, even if you thought it might have been elsewhere!), which helps you e.g. when you lift things to not hurt your back, it helps you to get and maintain an upright posture, which then in itself helps your whole body to keep "everything in place" and relieve your skeleton from false postures and of course it looks good and gives you more self esteem on the beach or just in front of your own mirror.

 The abdominal muscles are a complex system of muscles, not only a straight muscle all the way through your stomach; instead they go criss-cross as well. Which makes exercising more interesting and fun as you can include various exercises for the different muscles. 

You can do 30 straight crunches in a row? That is fantastic! Now add the crossover crunches (elbow to knee) as well! Also include the lower stomach by pulling up your pelvic to the ceiling. And, girls, there's something else: your pelvic floor!! I will write on that in detail another time. Last, but not least don't forget to train your waist as well. It will be firm and you won't be annoyed with that little bit of fat popping out of your nice tight new jeans anymore.  

The Pilates 100 always is a very effective stomach exercise:

Good thing about abdominal muscles is they never get tired! You can train them as much as you like and don't even have to pause between the various exercises. So you can include a fast, but efficient training into your daily routine...even during the spots on TV...That was it for tonight! Ah, no, wait, there is something for you girls, but I think, even a man could get some inspiration here.....

 Have fun working out!!!!

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