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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Everyday exercise

There are so many simple things we all can do to contribute to our fitness, even if we do not have the time to spend an hour in the gym every day. 

I will keep you updated with those easy exercises and tips, which you can integrate into your daily routine without a big effort, but which will contribute to your overall fitness and wellbeing.

Did you know that the human body is constructed to walk at least 4km/day? Sounds like a lot, huh? Well, it actually is, considering that most of us hardly manage 800m/day. Lucky those of you, who have the opportunity to walk to your office! 

Even this little guy is walking! Imagine! 

So...if you take the metro, try to increase your walking speed to get there! 

Inside the station do not use those comfy escalators and travelators, use the good old stairs!

And if after work you wonder where to go with your friends or colleagues, why not take a nice long walk through a park before or instead of heading to the next pub? Can be just as social and at least you manage to talk to each other instead of shouting... You might even use your lunch break for a short, vigorous stroll. A walk will give your eyes a break from staring at the computer, it will improve circulation and aid digestion.

And then there is...but please visit this blog again soon to learn more about everyday exercise! 

Everyday with Richard Simmons - Family Fitness [VHS]

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