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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Health food - Vegetable juices

Dear readers,

I recently got back into juicing vegetables again. The trigger was an article about curing cancer naturally, where the statement was made, that by juicing your veggies the vitamins and minerals access your cells on a highway! There's nothing faster than a veggie juice to bring good stuff down into your cells, nutrients are quickly absorbed in your body!

This does NOT mean, that you start juicing like crazy and stop eating (=chewing) vegetables. But juicing is a great way of consuming more and in particular more RAW veggies. 

So, which vegetables should I choose then?
You can basically juice ANY vegetables, the more diversity the better. To any juice you should add some dark green leafy vegetables (like dark green salad or spinach or kale) as they are absolutely essential in our diet.
Tomatoes make an exception, they are best juiced and consumed on their own.

Try not to mix too many veggies together, 2 or maximum 3 / day are more than sufficient, but have a lot of variety throughout the week. Be careful not to add too much salt to your juice, I try to avoid that (except in tomatoe juice). If you need salt, try to go for a good herbal salt. For taste rather add some ginger, coriander, parsley or even a few seedless grapes or some pieces of apple (the only fruit you should mix with vegetables!).

Looking for recipes? You find many recipes on the internet, one very good page I found is this one: http://www.soymilkquick.com/vegetablejuicerecipes.php


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