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Hello, dear viewer, and thank you for visiting my blog! I am a dedicated (and certified) Food Coach and Personal Trainer with a very individual attitude to coaching. I search to look beyond people's health issues and modify their lifestyles so that they can live a healthier life, increase vitality and longevity. Recently as a strong believer in natural healing I have published two books on Ayurveda and how to use Ayurveda lifestyle and food at home. Further, I am very much into TCM and the concept of original Chinese Food, especially after my recent stay in China. I am striving to become a Yoga expert through intense training and am practicing some kind of exercise every single day. My second blog http://thrumyeyes-kat.blogspot.com/ is dedicated to my passion to capture the world with my camera and create my own world like that. Everything you will find on these pages about nutrition and exercising is authentic and self-tested. Enjoy and don't forget to send me your comments, which are always welcome in my attempt to meet your expectations even better!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

My first book is out!

Dear readers,

you won't believe it, I can hardly believe it myself, but I finally made it: my first of hopefully many book is out!!!! Took it from the printer yesterday, am as proud as can be as you can imagine! 

I had initiated this book already 7 years ago while I was studying Ayurveda. Seeing our appreciated guests going home after their Ayurveda treatments and falling back into their old habits made me think and the idea came up to write down some advice on how to continue some basic elements that made you feel so good during your treatments also at home, in your own environment, with the supply you find there. 
But my book also addresses those, who have never been involved in Ayurveda before. It is very easy to understand, does purposely exclude in-depth medical advice and enables everyone to find him or herself in the detailed description of the Doshas (constitutional type). 
Easy to follow, very practical advice can make your life a bit better, a bit healthier....you will also find a 2 day detox plan at the end of the book.

So far, my book is only available in German. I am planning to publish the English version this coming autumn.

If you would like to have this guide for a healthier day-to-day, please send me a direct email on catweyland@gmail.com. I will provide you with further details including cost and shipping!


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