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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Quick refreshing wake-up exercise

Dear readers,

today was one of these days....went to bed last night with workout on my mind, got up this morning with workout on my mind, had my first cup of green tea with workout on my mind...and then things started adding up and between emails and rushing to get ready the workout, hum, kind of disappeared. After having felt guilty all day long I started thinking what exercises could you do just quickly in the morning, before emails, during tea, before shower?!

I experimented, jumped around, thought about the important parts we have to train and then I started looking on the internet - and found this sequence, which more or less captures what I want to suggest. 

These exercises - which will maybe take 10 minutes of your precious time (or 15 if you want to catch your breath in-between the various exercises) - will wake you up, will get your heart racing, will work a sweat and will definitely send you into the day fully motivated! 

Just some quick explanations:

Jumping Jacks:
I think, everyone knows, how to do them! Important: keep your knees soft and your tummy and lower back firm! 

Plie Squats:
Keep stomach firm and tight, then go down into a squat. When you come up, really squeeze your buttocks...and go back down.

If you find them too hard (which would be very understandable!), modify the exercise into a mountain-climber. This means, don't do the jump with both legs at the same time, but alternate. Please keep your stomach and back firm. 

Start with your knees on the floor if this version is too hard.

Bicycle crunches:
There is no easy version! You gotta get through this! If you still don't have enough, do some normal crunches as well.

And then...go & start your day - you have done something at least    


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