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Monday, 8 November 2010

The annual cold

My dear readers,
here we go! 1 week in Germany and I got myself a nice little cold as well. You might think how can that happen when you eat healthy, take good care of yourself and and and? But there are so many factors that can influence your health! Get on a plane several times a week, be exposed to so many bacteria, mental stress or just the two days you did not manage to eat what you had planned, but just fed on some faster food. 
The good news is: with the right stuff you will be back on your feet and jumping as ever within just 2 days! I strongly recommend 1 day in bed...feet up...TV or book...no phone (the last one sounds really scary, doesn't it?). And then try the following:
First thing in the morning cut 1 cm of fresh ginger, mix it with the juice of half a lemon and fill your cup up to the rim with hot water. This you have a least 2x that day and even the next day. Have some light, healthy lunch, salad and a lot of raw veggies and for dinner a hearty lentil soup and there you go!! A good night's sleep will be guaranteed. Get well soon!

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