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Sunday, 28 November 2010

A healthy mind in a healthy body - Some myths about Margarine

Dear readers,

so you had - or are still having - a relaxing or very active weekend and I hope, you are enjoying it to the fullest! For sure you indulged in an extended breakfast with all the good things you like and which you do not necessarily eat on a normal weekday. Maybe some smoked salmon, a nice omelet, some really great cheese and the ever oh-so-yummy serano ham. 

Nothing wrong with that! 

Question is: what do you put on your bread? Butter or Margarine? If it is butter you can stop reading now and go back to bed or work or ...gym! 
Margarine it is??? I recommend you to continue reading...strongly recommend...

So you still think that butter is the bad guy and margarine is the good guy that keeps your cholesterol levels at normal, that is not fat and just provides you with good stuff? 

Let me tell you one thing: It is Margarine that will harm your health in the end! 

Butter is a natural product made from cream with a low content of saturated fat.
Butter is an excellent source of fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, D, E and K. These are not found to any degree in margarine.

Margarine rather than a nutrient is a technical, pharmaceutical or therapeutical product! Margarine begins as chemically-extracted, refined vegetable oil. This is a poor quality product to begin with. After the whole processing there is nothing left of the initially great ingredients like seeds, beans or kernels. The refining of the product also produces trans-fatty acids, which are really bad for you. They can cause colitis or even arthritis. In the end, you will eat a chemical fat. Do you really fancy that? 

Yes, there IS less or no cholesterol in Margarine and it costs less than butter. BUT: 
Very recent research indicates that trans-fatty acids in margarine raise LDL levels. LDL is the "bad" cholesterol. Plus you do not need to put 1kg of butter on each slice of bread. The great taste of butter allows you to use a small amount and get a lot out of it.

And regarding the money...rather put nothing on your bread if you are not ready to spend a few bucks more on your healthy nutrition!

Some more facts about cholesterol if you are STILL shaky about it:

Most cholesterol is manufactured within the body. A maximum of about 4% of all cholesterol comes from the diet. Cholesterol is the raw material for the adrenal stress hormones and the sex hormones. The body often reacts to stress by producing more cholesterol. This allows the body to make more stress-fighting hormones. As biochemical stress is reduced through a scientific nutrition program, cholesterol levels often decrease without the need for restrictive diets.
In fact, eating some animal products often helps balance body chemistry. In these instances, cholesterol levels or the cholesterol/HDL ratio improves although the diet contains cholesterol-containing foods.

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