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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Fast and effective training

Dear readers,

welcome back after the weekend in this part of the world! Everybody else - enjoy your Sunday! 

Lately we have all been hearing terrible rumors that our 30-34 minutes cardio training is not all that efficient and we should do interval training, metabolic training, HDT, whatever it may be called. And that after struggling so much! How disappointing!

I must admit I am still a big fan of a nice 40 min morning run in the park. Of course you burn fat and boost your metabolism plus you do yourself something good with the fresh air and the relaxation through the green and the birds around you. 

It is true though that unfortunately we all have less and less time, spend more hours sitting, move less and do not always have time to care about our healthy nutrition. Even though - before you even consider exercising - without a balanced nutrition you will not get far, how many hours you might train!

Considering this environment of ours it absolutely makes sense to make our trainings shorter and more effective. So what is it all about? 
It is about really boosting your metabolism, speeding it up through short high intensity workouts and using the recovery time to burn fat and build up muscles. After a high intensity workout your body will continue to burn fat for 12 hours! Only of course if it is supported by a low fat, high protein and fiber diet. 

A quite quick and effective training might look like this for example:

Push ups
Hip Raises
Prisoner Squats
Reverse crunches

Do as many reps as you manage in 30 seconds for each exercise, then move on. Repeat the circuit 3 times with each a 2 min break in between the circuits. Do not exaggerate - if you don't manage to do reps for 30 seconds, take small breaks and continue. If 30 seconds does not feel enough, add another 10.

Here comes the 2nd part of the training:

Jumping jacks
Mountain climbers
Bodyweight squats
Jumping jacks

For these exercises you perform as many as you can for 30 seconds then rest for 90 seconds before moving onto the next one. For example do as many jumping jacks as you can for 30 seconds, rest for 90 seconds before moving onto the burpees.
You only have go through the list once (although you are performing two of the exercises twice).

And that is about it! The training should take you about 30 minutes. If you like, complete it with 20 min of jogging or cycling, but don't over-train. When you have done this high intensity training, do NOT exercise the next day or do something "slow motion" like Yoga. This training should be done on alternating days.

Main thing as always is: HAVE FUN!!!!!


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