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Sunday, 6 March 2011

7 breakfasts for 7 days - Health food

Dear readers,

since two days now Dubai is facing something that we hardly ever have to face...a covered sky!! Some of us really enjoy that while others keep moaning about their motivations to move to Dubai and that they definitely did not expect such a weather out here. Come on, guys, 3 covered days out of 360?? (The outcome of the remaining 5 is unsure!) 

So, in order to distract you and to boost your immune system while the gray skies and the suddenly cold weather attack your mood and your health - drastic weather changes always tend to do that - let me give you this recipe for a yummy, healthy and immune-boosting smoothie. I actually stumbled across it as a recipe for toddlers, but I find it just as adequate for adults. 

If you add some oats or millet flakes or spelt flakes or whatever wholegrain cereals you like plus some wheatgerm you will receive a complete breakfast!

You will need:

-500ml milk (use low fat milk or replace by soy or rice milk)
-250ml plain low fat organic yogurt
-1 serving of a multi-nutrient supplement
-1 banana, chopped
-140g frozen blueberries
-120g of a favourite fruit, frozen (strawberries, mango etc)
-1 tsp flax oil
-85g tofu
-10mg zinc
-100mcg selenium
-2 tsp peanut butter (optional)

Combine all ingredients and blend until smooth. Serve immediately after blending. Freeze remainders for further use.

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