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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Health food - Snacking between meals

Dear audience,

so here we are, all together at the beginning of another hectic week, which often finds us rushing from one place or appointment to the other with our stomachs growling at us as they feel so terribly neglected, but with no time to sit down and have a proper meal.

So what do most of us (including me) do? Stop at the next petrol shed and grab something on the go! Which is not necessarily a bad thing to do, but it all depends on the quality of that "something" you buy.

Healthy options are:

  • Nuts and seeds mixtures. They provide you with monosaturated fat, Vitamin E, magnesium and a good deal of fiber. Often they come in healthy combinations with raisins or dried cherries.
  • Cut fruits. Many petrol sheds already provide pre-cut fruits, which you can even eat while continuing your journey through the city. Vitamins, fiber and satisfaction by fructose!
  • Low fat Labneh/Yogurt Drink. To have on the go, to add some fiber combine it with a healthy oat bar (no, the ones with chocolate coating are NOT the healthy ones!)
  • Wholegrain sandwich. Yes, they exist! Usually you find them lying close and still next to the white sandwiches...
  • Dried peas. Great option, provides you with protein and all the good stuff that you find in peas. 

Combine your snack with a big bottle of good quality mineral water or a bottle of sugar free fruit juice and off you go to your next appointment! 

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