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Sunday, 12 December 2010

Healthy and fit - How to treat a hangover

Dear readers!

It is weekend! Finally! You've made plans, thinking, hm, brunch together with some great friends, wouldn't that be nice? Of course it is! We did the same thing this Friday. And then...some of us just had one or two glasses too many and thus you more or less spoil the 2nd day of your weekend. 

There are precautions that you can take to "prepare" yourself for digesting a higher alcohol intake. This is not a recipe, which will guarantee you headache-free unlimited drinking, but you will have less headache and suffer little or less (depending on your quantity of drinks obviously ;) ) the next day!

The most essential thing obviously is water! What happens when you have too much alcohol is half dehydration and half intoxication.

 When your liver's capacity of detoxifying is exceeded, your body starts producing toxins from the alcohol and those toxins will trigger the headache. 

Try to drink as much water as alcohol and if you forget that, drink a few glasses of water before you go to bed. Also, have pure water ready at your bedside, so once you wake up, continue drinking at least 1,5-2 ltr of water throughout the next day.

So, to prepare yourself before your blast, take some Glutamine. Get a Glutamine or N-acetyl cysteine supplement and take 2g of it or two good all-round antioxidant supplements plus in either case 2g of vitamin C before the party. 
If you can, try to take another heaped teaspoon of glutamine powder before heading to bed.
Take the same combination the next morning.  Have lots of fruit and veggies the next day, apples and carrots for a example have a great detoxifying effect. Make it a juice. 
If headache still hits you on the day after, have another heaped teaspoon of Glutamine powder plus 1g of vitamin C every two hours and don't forget your multivitamin and antioxidant supplements. 

Enjoy the party!!  

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