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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Tone up your trouble spots - everyday exercise

Good morning dear readers!

I am very proud to see that I am gathering audience, even from countries far far away from where I would never have expected any interest. Does that mean you people are bored or I am publishing some interesting stuff? Let's hope for the latter option! :)

Please remember that your comments also help me to respond better to your requests and demands. Post me your comments! 

Today I would like to take you through a quick and easy guide to help you tone your trouble spots. There sure are some parts of your body that bother you every time you look into a mirror; with the following easy exercises you can train those spots whenever and nearly wherever you like. You can easily fit them into your exercise routine or even train them without any equipment and outside a gym.

In general I recommend 3 cardio session/week plus 3 strength sessions, where a cardio session should last between 30-60 minutes and a strength session should not last more than 1 hour. If you want to fit both into one session, do the strength training first

1. Bingo Wings
Unfortunately we do store fat even here. Fight it with triceps dips (you can use the edge of your bathtub, your sofa table-if it is heavy, your floor...) and by pushing yourself out of a chair using your arms.

2. Chest
Some of us tend to deposit fat around the chest, especially those, who have trained it a lot in earlier days. Fight it with wall press-ups (do anywhere) and ladies, always wear a sports bra when exercising.

3. Belly
The famous, much hated fat deposit. If you pay attention to your posture you are already doing a lot for a flatter belly. In everyday life remember to contract and extract your tummy muscles frequently and keep them pulled in when walking, which then ads to your posture again. Reduce your calorie intake!

4. Back
Although I am not a big fan of the MTB shoes they sure help to improve your posture. When sitting at your desk, remember to maintain a correct posture. Swim as often as you can if you have a chance or get a skipping rope.

5. Bottom
No need to say anything further... :( Mainly related to higher oestrogen levels, you don't see many guys with a big bum, do you? Use the stairs as often as you can and walk up the escalator. Do a series of bottom-squeezing every now and then when sitting at your desk.

6. Inner thighs
Again an oestrogen issue, but also many of us do not even think about training their inner thigh muscles. When sitting at your desk, do a series of squeezing your knees tightly together. Brisk walking also helps while cycling only makes them look bigger. 

Enjoy your training!!!


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